November 10, 2015

The Crashpad Sleep System is a product that the team at Crashpad are very proud of. It was designed so that you only ever need one sleeping bag. With a  few quick changes to the Sleep System sleeping bag it will suit any conditions you are in. Within my camping gear stored at home I used to have a variety of sleeping bags.  Where I was going camping and the weather conditions determined which sleeping bag I was going to take. This all sounds very well until you realise during an uncomfortable nights sleep that you have grabbed the wrong bag for the conditions. I have been caught out before suffering through a miserable cold nights sleep when an unexpected cold front has hit. So with this in mind we set about designing the Crashpad 'Sleep System'. 

The Sleep System is one sleeping bag that contains seven separate configurations offering incredible versatiliy. The bag is essentially a summer sleeping bag zipped inside the outer sleeping bag, all stored in a compression sack. So lets have a look at the beauty of this design and the seven sleeping options.

  • When you first remove the sleep system from the compression sack you have the two bags zipped in together which gives you an incredibly warm and comfortable single winter sleeping bag rated to -10ºc. Option 1.
  • Unzip the bag and open it up and you now have a winter rated doona. Option 2.
  • Unclip the locating toggle at the top of the doona and you have a double summer sleeping bag. This is option 3.
  • Unzip the inner bag from the outer bag and you now have two summer donna's. These are options 4 & 5.
  • Zip up each summer donna to form two summer sleeping bags. These are options 6 & 7.

In addition to the seven sleep configurations a left and right hand zipper bag can be zipped together to form a winter double doona while also doubling the sleeping configurations to fourteen.

This design essentially eliminates the need for double and winter bags and also gives you piece of mind when travelling that you will be comfortable in any weather conditions. The outer shell is made from tough rip stop water resistant nylon and the inner winter bag is lined with warm fleece. The bag is styled with Crashpad orange stitching and zips to give a very stylish look. 

Seek adventure!