February 19, 2016

It's mid week. You're engrossed in your work and the other ingredients that make up your day to day, week to week, year to year life, your soul is screaming for some R&R in the form of a quick getaway to a handy nearby piece of secluded bliss. 

As you sit down and routinely check your social media, you suddenly find the urge to scroll through the weather app. Friday, Saturday and Sunday's weather looks spot on. Things are starting to point towards a sneaky Friday afternoon early mark. A couple of phone calls to some good mates and IT’S ON!!!

I know I've been in this situation more than once, and it's taken me on quite a journey, so it pays to be prepared for when you get ‘the call of the swag’. I can have the truck packed up and ready to rock and roll in no time at all. We all have our little tricks and tips but here is how I do it.

Chances are you've got your swag, sleeping bag and other assorted camping gear in your shed spread all over the place and you inevitably spend valuable time looking for everything. Have a camping corner (close to the door), stack your swag and camping accessories up off the ground and have it ready and waiting conveniently. Leave your sleeping bag and pillow rolled up in your swag so that you know it’s ready to go at a moments notice.

Cull all of the unnecessary! Have a plastic crate or space case with only essentials for cooking, cleaning and general camp duties. How many times have you returned from a quick getaway and you haven't used half of what you carted away? Have a few long life tins of food, sugar, tea and coffee in air tight sealed and vermin proof containers. This crate lives in your dedicated camping corner just waiting to hit the road.

The fridge or esky is easy. Have a few milk bottles full of water frozen in the freezer ready to whack in the esky. Or if you have a camp fridge, you're laughing! Cold goods are thrown in and away you go. Each outdoor enthusiast has his/her extra items they must include, whether it be a chainsaw, cheese and crackers or a bottle of your favourite drink, we all have that extra item that is always a priority.

 So you know when you get ‘The Call of the Swag’ the camping corner of the shed is prepped and ready to have you rolling out the driveway for a sneaky, quick getaway in no time at all. What your corner contains is entirely up to you but having all the gear stored in readiness is going to put you way ahead of the game.

 Hope this helps and gets you out amongst it quicker.

 Get out and about. Everyone's soul needs a cleanse from time to time.

Joel Edwards