March 08, 2016

At the risk of giving away some of our favourite spots, we took a bit of a survey amongst the team here to list the top 5 spots in Victoria to throw a swag down. There was plenty of debate and we could have easily listed 5 cracking spots in the Victorian High Country or 5 great spots along the Murray River, however we have gone for diversity in compiling this list. 

These aren’t in any particular order, you will have to load your swag and sleeping bag into your four wheel drive to check them out and form your own opinion. We would love to hear your thoughts. Anyway here goes.


The Buckland Valley in the Victorian High Country.

It’s a beautiful valley that has amazing history with the Buckland River running through it. There are numerous campsites dotted all along the river. You will follow a bitumen road in and then cross a bridge over the river, from this point the road turns to gravel. From the start of the gravel road there are 1km markers all the way in. We prefer to head in at least 20kms for a couple of sneaky camp sites that are great to throw the swags down beside some nice swimming holes.


The Murray River (off the Old Mail Route in North West Victoria)

We constantly find ourselves being pulled back to this section of the Murray River. There are plenty of great spots amongst the river red gums to throw a swag down (remember to check above for any suspect limbs on the trees). It is easy to launch a tinny along there to explore the river. It also has a great feeling of remoteness, there is not a lot of traffic so you will often have the place to yourself, particularly if there mid week. There is something really special about the place on a cold winters night when you have a nice river red gum fire going and can sit back and simply enjoy being there.

 SWAG Murray River


Poplars camping area in the Victorian High Country

Maybe it’s the remoteness of this campsite, maybe the fact it’s not far downstream from the headwaters of the Murray River, maybe it’s the nice little swimming hole, but this is a favourite of ours. Located at the end of McCarthy’s track just down from the Southern end of the Davies High Plain track or at the northern end of Limestone Creek Track it’s a great place to throw a swag down for the night and relax with the clear high country waters of the Murray River passing close by.


Lone Pine Plain – Wyperfeld National Park.

A remote spot in the desert of the Wyperfeld National Park, this is a favourite in the cold winter months as there are no flies and you avoid the heat of the summer. A good map will have you finding this spot. Lone Pine Plain is a big open plain in the North East corner of the desert that offers something a little different to the more traditional camping areas in the area. 


Lower Glenelg National Park – Glenelg River

While the camping here is very regulated in terms of where you can set up your swag, it is certainly worth it for the river. The Glenelg River is simply stunning. With great boat launching facilities and excellent fishing for those in the know it is a place that has to be seen to be believed. Hook your boat up, load your swag and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


Get out there and check these spots out, we're confident you won't be disappointed. If you have some great spots in Victoria that you think we should have had on our list then drop us a line, we would love to hear about them.

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